Building a Basic Emergency Preparedness Kit on a Budget

Oregon Health Authority’s Health Security, Preparedness and Response Program presents this video to help viewers gain insight into what goes into a preparedn… Emergency preparedness is a MUST not a MAYBE! According to recent studies made by World Bank, the comin…
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  1. Christian Scheer says:

    I tend to ask grandma, she went through more crisis, including WW2 bombardments then most so called “preppers”. You could learn a lot from the waysa lot of german women survived the years from 1945 to 1949….they did not count on men because those were either captives, crippled or heavly war traumatized.

  2. hong2031 says:

    I am glad you find them helpful and thanks for your positive feedback!

  3. hong2031 says:

    Yes Calvin..this is e course. So there is no shipping charges at all. Once you purchase it, you can log in the site and download the materials. You can even choose to print them out if you want to.

  4. hong2031 says:

    Hi can actually download the materials to your PC and print out from there! Hope this helps.

  5. hong2031 says:

    Glad you pick up some valuable tips.

  6. hong2031 says:

    Thanks Colleen. I hope you like it.

  7. hong2031 says:

    Am glad you pick up few tips from the course and thank you very much for your honest feedback!

  8. hong2031 says:

    Many thanks tom

  9. hong2031 says:

    Thanks for your vote on this. Smith

  10. hong2031 says:

    You are very welcome Jo. I am glad you like the course!

  11. hong2031 says:

    Thanks Frank. Glad it helps

  12. Frank Lambert says:

    Well written and very well explained!

  13. Joseph Figgs says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us..the best investment I have ever made.

  14. Smith Major says:

    Very insightful survical courses..I highly recommend to all americans, especially if you live in the disaster zone, you must own this!

  15. Thomas Walker says:

    great product and lots of good info in there!

  16. Brownwebsite122 says:

    I like the product..I have been practicing disaster preparedness for sometime. And you open a new angle for me to look at. It’s a good add on to my knowledge!

  17. Colleen Caldwell says:

    I just bought the looks interesting

  18. Jackson20122 says:

    The checklists are very essentials..I didn’t know what not to ommit after getting your survival course.

  19. Delores Case says:

    I wonder can we get a hardcopy of the handbook?

  20. Calvin Oleary says:

    Does this product comes with free delivery?

  21. Michael Rolle says:

    thanks for putting together the course..this is super awesome, and eevrything you said is very legit!

  22. JamiKeagle12 says:

    by far this is one of the most comprehensive course I have ever come across..thanks for sharing.

  23. hong2031 says:

    Awesome..let me know if you need any clarification..txs Adele.

  24. hong2031 says:

    Indeed it is Martin..Glad you like it!

  25. hong2031 says:

    You,re very welcome Aaron.