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No one can doubt that these are perilous time we live in. Natural disasters are ripping through communities and devastating the lives of countless people.

I live in Alabama, and my state was hit hard in April of 2012. I have seen first hand the impact that

The war on terror isn’t over…Just a few weeks ago the Boston Marathon bombers brought a large metropolitan area to a stand still. The city was completely shut down while law enforcement authorities went on a door to door man hunt.

Many reputable economists predict the demise of the dollar could be just around the corner. Our nation is over 16 trillion dollars in debt. We can never pay this back…It’s not a matter of if the economy will collapse, but when.

It’s a sad fact that you can’t depend on the government to provide for you and your family should a crisis ever strike. Just the fact that you are here shows that you are more aware than most of your family members and neighbors.

Our goal at Crisis Survival is to create a community where we can share resources, ideas and information that help us survive natural and man-made catastrophes.

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We look forward to having you on board!

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