Emergency Preparedness Kit


Dominion meteorologist Keri Carro provides tips on preparing an emergency supply kit for your home and car.
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OSU Extension Specialist Barbara Brown puts together a food kit to have on hand in the event of an emergency.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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10 Responses to “Emergency Preparedness Kit”

  1. emg res says:

    Well the video’s content was good! Also I found this website too, if you want to be more prepared go check it out the address is wwwsocalyesgroupcom cool stuff! Enjoy.

  2. David Wayne says:

    its kinda creepy how she is always starring at you. watch what you’re doing! oh and don’t buy pre-made kits because when you need something it may not always work. build one yourself. most the time it will be cheaper and you know everything will work once you tested it all out!

  3. David Wayne says:

    wow that is A LOT of perishable food! when FEMA stated you should have a 72-hour-kit in your house they meant freeze dried foods, protein bars, MREs. stuff with a long shelf life not something that will go bad in a year.

  4. Arron Bass says:

    You wouldn’t last a day

  5. Arron Bass says:

    in most disaster situations the Internet, phone lines, satellites etc would all be down and useless, the only thing that would be working would be radio. And in Certain circumstances money would be worthless ,

  6. SuperKeithykins says:

    A mobile internet device (including your laptop or your phone) would suffice in this situation. It’s to keep up to date with evacuations, news reports, etc.

  7. Carol Dickinson says:

    Besides emergency kits, food, water and shelter… there is a need for gasoline free… portable solar panels for energy… to run Frig, Lamps, Fans, Radio, Computer, Phone, TV etc. See… Off The Grid Survival Products . com

  8. tattedfool1234 says:

    if you dont have power then your not going to have wifi for that laptop to work

  9. coltonomor says:

    Good video

  10. Davis Dorriesfield says:

    id sudjust a packsack instead of a bin like that because you can be in situations where you need your hands or have to walk long distances because traffic is normally to conjusted to drive when in an disaster and you might have to get out and walk not only would that be tiring to hold but you could need your hands to defend yourself