Minecraft – Minecraft Glitch | TU14 | Duplicating Enchanted Books!

This only works in creative due to the fact that in survival, the item is placed into the item frame.
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Read a free chapter: http://www.randomhouse.com.au/books/skye-melki-wegner/chasing-the-valley-book-1-9781742759548.aspx Set in a land where magic can be terrifying, Chasing the Valley …
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8 Responses to “Minecraft – Minecraft Glitch | TU14 | Duplicating Enchanted Books!”

  1. PriitySiick says:
  2. Boring Blacknight says:

    what verson

  3. Dylan Wellman says:

    im friends with your cousin Hayden

  4. Pr0 R3dneck says:

    Hey with tu 14 released we should do a minecraft survival lets play
    together. My gt is Pro R3dneck. This is Manning.

  5. ella flower says:

    badly wanna read it know

  6. Jack Kelly says:


  7. Skye Melki-Wegner says:
  8. baloney100000 says:

    woah… looks like a pretty cool book…